Holiday Show This Saturday Night at 7pm!

Okay people, I can't sit around crying into my coffee cup this morning because I have to go print up posters and hang them at the Riverview for my Holiday Show Tomorrow Night 7pm!

No excuses.

If you're out of the country, fly in for the evening, maybe Santa Claus will give you a ride on his sleigh since he isn't working yet.

If you're in town and you're sitting around drinking egg nog, just pop on over and sing some songs with me.

If you are in town and have other places to be, just stop in and at least hear me do Santa Baby!

I think I'm going to do Santa Baby at the beginning and the end of the show because it's too good to only do once and this is my last show before Christmas.

See you Saturday night at 7pm.

Love to you where ever you are!

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