holiday cheer


Holiday cheer is the goal and the purpose.

I'll be playing four or five Christmas songs at every show from now up until the 22nd which will be my last show before Christmas.

I won't play any Christmas songs at the December 26th show probably, unless people beg for them, then I will.

But for now, I'm all about Christmas.

Do I believe in The Christmas Story?

I don't entirely. The Christian Bible in general strikes me as being less of a factual reporting and more of a love letter to the world from an ancient people to the people of today.

But I don't have anything against it particularly.

I am not interested in Mankind's constructs of religion, but I do love the pageantry and the traditions and the music.

In a nostalgic and spiritual way I love the music.

When I sing "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel" I really don't know that there is anything good about singing the words "and ransom captive Israel". But I like the mystery of the words and I love the dark melody so I sing it.

I hate it when churches sing new improved words, but I always have to humbly remind myself that the words I sang as a child were the new improved words of the time, "improved" over the Latin which was still being sung in part of the liturgy of my childhood in the Lutheran church choir. I sang in Latin and loved it even though I didn't entirely know what it meant. We had a basic understanding of the translation and that was good enough. The Latin sounded super cool.

So, is Christmas about churches? Not as much for me these days, although I will probably go to church at least once during the holiday month of December.

Christmas isn't about gifts so much to me either.

Christmas is about magical moments, many having to do with Nature, and Majesty, and Love.

Yesterday I laid old bread broken up into smaller pieces outside on the deck table in Rob's backyard.

All day I watched the pieces of bread disappear, a few at a time.

My little dog can't reach up onto the table so it's perfect for birds or squirrels.

I personally like squirrels a lot.

Squirrels live in Rob's huge old tree in his backyard and I like them. I respect them.

In the afternoon my dog and I went for a long walk.

When we got back and were approaching the house, we saw two fat squirrels with their big bushy tails up against the cold, sitting on Rob's front porch, each holding between his two little hands a big chunk of the nice bread I gave them. 

Why they decided to carry the bread around to the front and sit on the porch and eat it, I do not know.

But it was very cute.

The season begins and even the squirrels are feeling festive.

Here's me on the porch with the nice wreath I made.


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