higher frequencies

You know how some people talk about manifesting your destiny by upping your frequencies?

That's a certain way of looking at the human experience.

I agree with it.

I have been playing that Panic! at the Disco song "High Hopes" at full volume like ten times a day and I swear to God a recording like that can raise your frequency.

The recording is designed for that feeling and they did a great job in their execution.

I like big anthems like that, I always have.

Anyway, I do think that if you can keep your mood elevated for sustained periods of time you can be closer to your God intended best self.

I have been going out running throughout this fall and winter as well.

I don't run fast or far, but I think that's another way to get your heart rate up and probably your "frequency" as well.

It's like your frequency is your overall vibe, beyond mood, beyond heart rate, beyond optimism, beyond kindness or generosity, beyond self love or patience with others.

But it is all these things and more.

It's also directly connected to your right thoughts, right words, right actions.

If you think good thoughts, and catch yourself thinking the bad ones and turn that around by sheer willpower, say good words, and do good actions, you will feel good.

No doubt.

Let's get on it people.

Turn your world around, turn the world around.

Fist pump. Big smile. Hell yeah.


Petra Schmidt January 10, 2019 @10:41 am
You learned/played a Panic! at the Disco song? Wow this is crazy cool! My friend Nina is a big fan of this band and recommended it to me. In 2016 we both joined their show in Hamburg. I was totally flashed. I have never seen such an energy Brendon performed with. I am really excited to see you perform then. Have always fun.
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