Here We Go, Here We Go!

My song "Crash And Burn" starts with the line "Here we go, here we go!" and that's exactly what I am saying to myself now.

I feel like a whole new adventure is beginning.

I feel as if I have been climbing my mountain toward my best destiny, toward my manifesting of my talents and my potential.

When I got back to Minneapolis in late August after my recent Europe tour, I felt like I came off of a long winding climbing path, rocky and challenging, but full of promise and beauty. 

When I got to Rob's house and reunited with my little dog and my closet full of fun clothes, and Rob's nice little kitchen and his big backyard, and his front porch(!!!) I felt like I had found a grassy plateau on the mountainside from which I could stand and twirl and sing, "the hills are alive with the sound of music..." to my heart's content.

I knew that the grassy plateau is not my destination from a career standpoint, not the highest I can climb. But I needed the rest and I love my surroundings.

I was waiting to find out what my current publisher would want to do about my second "Sidney" book. I was also waiting to see how I would feel about going out on tour again.

Well, as you know from recent posts, it's time to find a literary agent for my books, it's time to find a big powerful publisher who has the horsepower to help me get my work out to the world, and it's time to start planning for travels in 2019.

I want to be at a high enough level of revenue from my shows that Paradigm Talent Agency in New York will start helping me book my tours. There I said it. It has been said. That's what I want. 

So, here we go, here we go!

I am in Minneapolis for this entire fall and winter until next March, so I have time.

I am planning on wearing all my Prairie Goddess outfits and going to everybody's fun events in town.

I am planning on riding my bicycle, running the steps at the Minnehaha Falls every morning, walking my dog on the Mississippi River trail.

I am going to pull out some weeds in Rob's yard that sprang up in late summer and replace them with Spring bulbs!

I'm going to work with all the fabulous new and aspiring artists, young and not so young, who are hiring me to help them succeed.

I am going to make glorious food for myself and for Rob and for friends and family.

And, I'm going to find a literary agent, maybe even at Paradigm, and I'm going to find a way to get a really good publishing deal for all my cool books.

I'm going to book a bunch of exciting shows all over the US and Europe with the help of many friends, including some booking agents who I want to work with.

I'm going to write "Sidney" book three in November.

I'm going to write thirty new handmade small books.

I'm going to write songs, commissioned by fans, and just for myself too.

And then next year, when I'm ready, I'm going to go back out into the world and have a blast!

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