heavy load

People in my family have made a lot of mistakes.

I'm being confronted with the trail of mistakes as I finish my second novel about Sidney, who, as you probably know by now, is based on me.

Thank God for a guy at the 318 Cafe the other night who came up to tell me that he had read my first book in the Sidney series and loved it.

Rob was standing near me when the guy came up and so Rob was a witness to what this man said.

He said that he read my book fairly quickly, thinking to himself that it was pretty good writing.

He said that he reads a lot of literary fiction so he feels he has a good sense of comparison.

He said that when he finished my book he suddenly thought that I was a really good writer, like, a real writer, like much better than he had expected.

He said he thought about that for a while, not really being sure.

So, recently he decided to read my book again, to see how he felt about it now.

He was very excited to tell me, and Rob, that he thinks I'm a really good writer. He thinks it's a really good book.

He says the second reading clinched it because it seemed even better the second time through.

I told him that I look forward to him reading book two.

Book two is finished now and I'm sending it in today to the publisher.

The publisher can accept it or reject it of course.

That's how these things go.

What I have taken away from the writing of the second book is that the people in my family made a lot of mistakes.

Sidney makes mistakes.

I have made many many mistakes.

I try not to have any regrets though.

I married a man I ended up feeling I had to leave, but along the way I gave birth to three beautiful people and have had the great gift of being their mom.

How can you regret a romantic alliance that brings three great people into the world and into your life?

I don't think I can separate my mistakes from my blessings, my mistakes from my dreams, my mistakes from my successes.

The successes have been few, yes, I see that.

The successes have been few in my family too.

But I am going to keep trying.

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