heavy lifting

Do you see a pattern to these posts of mine over this long year of 2018?

Well, I do.

I see that the impetus to push through to a new level comes in bursts of inspiration.

I get an idea, I try as best I can to execute it. I make efforts to get other people to help or collaborate or get behind my ideas in some meaningful way.

I go to the trees of good fortune and I shake them. I may be hoping for apples to make a pie and I may get lemons so I make lemonade.

I use my anger over being undervalued or overlooked to make my contributions indispensable to the world.

I work harder, I think better, I create with more care and determination. I endeavor to be great.

In the process I find out more about why I'm here, and what I need to do to express divine gratitude for my gifts, my health, my time on this Earth.

If I am meant to toil in obscurity until the day I die, so be it.

I honor my ability to toil in the realm of the creative life.

Today I play a solo show at The Underground Music Cafe as part of my weekly residency there and I'm very excited to be firing up my CY telecaster and my black Martin, two wonderful guitars I haven't been playing lately. This should be fun!

Thanks for reading, thanks for your participation.

Love to you.

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