handmade books, the day before my birthday, new song stuck in my head

I woke in the night with a song stuck in my head...but what song....and then I realized it was one of my brand new efforts...eureka!

We got one!

If it can do that, it's a real song.


Also, I'm delighting my soul writing the handmade books again.

All voices crying out for them to be mass produced are to be silent!

I am going to keep making them handmade...each one original and unique...and I'm going to sell them sealed with a bird or butterfly sticker like always...and you can buy them and find out if they hold a mystical key to something for you.

I've seen a young man burst into tears and weep throughout the reading of one of these that he bought from me at a show in Germany.

They have a strange power and I'm not going to tamper with it or try to harness it.

Also tomorrow's my birthday and I'm going to try to launch a small quick fundraiser for my March tour.

Wish me luck.

Love to you.

Snow again today coming down like creativity made manifest from the Heavens, so beautifully pure and white.

May we eliminate all suffering and pain for every living thing.

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