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I have moved inside for writing now and that means the real Minnesota writing season has begun. 

There are some great writers who wrote important works in Minnesota and I can see why.

When the weather gets glooming the writers get writing.

The Autumn weather with frequent light rain and chilly temperatures gives you every excuse to stay home and brood.

Which leads me to the next part of today's thoughts....if you're going to stay home and brood you can fall prey to all sorts of bad ideas you will regret later.

When I teach writing workshops to adults I refer to the big bowl of popcorn and the big glass of wine option.

I personally picked up the big bowl of popcorn big glass of wine habit in New York City, where I was painfully aware that I was running out of money and that I was not forwarding my career fast enough to curtail my looming financial demise. I was so worried and I felt so helpless. I ate popcorn, which is like crunching endlessly on something that is not really doing anything deeply satisfying for your body or mind. And the wine...well the wine sort of tasted like sawdust to me...just something I was doing like brushing my teeth with toothpaste...just a predictable taste on the tongue...like eating too much of anything...like walking the exact same path every single day to the point that you don't see your surroundings any more. (Note here in case you're wondering, I would drink one glass and sometimes pour a second glass, often the second glass was still more than half full sitting out on the table in the morning when I got out of bed so in my case this is not a story of addiction. I was no more addicted to the wine than I was the popcorn.)

Please know I am not addressing bigger issues in this blog post. I'm talking about everyday pitfalls to creative satisfaction.

Numb feelings from bland habits.

Numb feelings that keep you unhappy or bored or stuck.

Wastes of your time because they don't satisfy.

I'm going to be here in Minneapolis all Fall and Winter until we go on tour in March again.

I have A LOT to accomplish between now and then.

I want to do everything I've been talking about doing.

I do not want to sit around in Rob's house by myself eating too much food, drinking wine, spinning my creative wheels.

What's the cure?

I think it helps if you can believe that the real satisfaction comes from facing the things you know you should do..."should" only because it was a great creative idea and you are avoiding it only out of fear of it not turning out well.

Face the cool idea you had and execute it.

Face the cool idea you have and execute it to the best of your ability and if you don't like the result, make a new one.


That's it. That's what I intend to do this Autumn season at Rob's house.

And I'm going to light candles a lot because fire is primal joy.


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