great show last night!

Our show in Denver was wonderful.

There were cheers from the crowd at the end of every verse of The Times They Are A Changing.

That was the best part for me.

I sure hope Mister Dylan doesn't mind that I'm going around making such a big deal about his songs all the time.

Let's hope he doesn't mind if he ever hears about it.

Nina did a beautiful job on her opening set which expanded over the two weeks from three songs to five.

I sold lots of merchandise and we were decently paid.

This morning the owner of the venue sent me an email inviting me back in July!

It looks like a lot of touring this summer.

I feel very encouraged.

Also....the tour funding campaign is completed, we reached the goal of $1500.00, and we get to stay at the nice old hotel next to The Laughing Goat tomorrow night in Boulder for our final show of the tour.

After a few nights on sofas and air mattresses, a nice hotel room with two queen beds is going to be a huge treat!

Boulder, here we come!

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