great show last night!

Okay, I'm takin' today off!

My show went great!

I loved it and it loved me.

I made $110 in two hours so I'm good with that....and all of that was from my sales of books and CDs and vinyl.

I got $11 from the owners at the end saying that was my share of the "percentage of the alcohol sales revenue". Whatever. Eye roll.

I'm going now to get the Sunday New York Times which is my religion.

Then Rob and I are going for a walk with my dog.

Later I'm going to go to the St. Paul Conservatory which is a gorgeous giant green house filled with beautiful plants.

I have several shows coming up, all fun, all solid, all solo.

I am feeling good.

Come to a show.

I did the Amy Winehouse song pretty darn well.

And I played Beautiful Lonely.

All good, so happy about it.

Also they gave me a free glass of wine and a really good personal sized pizza with spinach and kalamata olives and some other delicious stuff on it.

So we are all good.

Smiles and hands clapping all around.

Glory be to The Great Creator. Have yourself a beautiful Sunday morning.


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