great night playing solo

I am happy this morning.

Look, it's an up and down thing by nature.

It's not just me.

The artist tries something new, they get good at that, they come near to perfecting it, and then it becomes old news.

Monet painted the waterlilies like a hundred fucking times, but eventually he had to start painting something else.

Maybe that isn't a great example, but it's kind of funny anyway.

The artist gets good at something and maybe even masters it and then that's boring.

If you can do it so easily, so effortlessly, and you don't even get nervous trying to execute it, it probably doesn't come across with as much passion as it did the first time you achieved doing it perfectly but just by the skin of your teeth.

So, musically, if you write all the songs for a new album and you practice them and memorize them and decide how you're going to perform them live and then you go out on tour and play them every night for weeks and months, it's exciting to get that show down where it comes off effortlessly and you can really enjoy the performance communally with the fans.

But if you just keep touring around with those same songs for more than a couple of years, people want more from you, and you want more from yourself.

Okay, so, I didn't ever successfully tour as a solo artist in the past.

I didn't have the acclaim or the experience or the body of work or the confidence to make it a success.

But in my humble estimation, the coolest thing a songwriter can do is be able to go out into the world on their own with their guitar and make a difference, have an impact, be somebody people want and maybe even need to hear.

I am gearing up for this.

I don't know what it will look like exactly, I only know I'm ready for this challenge.

I am praying that the Universe smiles on me and God pulls some strings and something happens to help me make this solo touring dream a reality.

Last night was a huge step in the right direction.

A pizza place less than two miles from Rob's house where I gratefully live now (in case you haven't read this blog before Rob Genadek is the brilliant music producer I work with).

I set up my own little sound system, I played my Guyatone and my black Martin (my two favorites).

I played two fifty minute sets of ten songs each, two cover songs in each set.

A two hour show, 7-9pm.

The place was packed for most of the evening and people listened and clapped, and even cheered from time to time.

I was happy as can be.

A free pizza of my choice...a large veggie pizza with sausage to be exact.

Two hundred dollars base pay.

One hundred dollars in books and cds sold.

That's my kind of night.

The booking guy was there the whole night and so was the owner and they both said they will book me again and often.

I have only seen bands play this same venue on this same Wednesday night circuit.

I did it solo and it worked.

This is so liberating for me.

I don't have to check with anyone else's schedule to plan a show and I don't have to split the money.

I don't have to hear anyone's opinion on stage about what song to play next, what to say, how much to say, how loud to be, what vocal tone to be using.

Maybe it's bad to not have anyone up there saving me from myself, saving the audience from the real me. If you've seen me play live, I can get pretty carried away with the passion for the crowd and the songs and I can start over vocalizing or rearranging the songs into ten minute diatribes.

Well, maybe it's time to just let the spirit move me.

Solo showtime!

Bring it on!

Let me sing!

I could sing all night every night if there's an audience who actually is listening.

Bliss. This is what they mean when they talk about bliss.

Follow your bliss until you hunt that sucker down and frame it's head on your wall.


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