goodness is flowing again

Last night I played my tiny little humble weekly residency tucked way over to a far corner in the Twin Cities, not the cool place to play, not the cool new scene. But a lovely old place that's easy to get to, has easy parking, has good wine and beer and homemade pizzas and more. A real stage. I do my own sound, set everything up myself with my own equipment so that I can try to make a beautiful sound with my guitars and my voice. 

Last night I brought my old black Martin which is well again after many months of ailments, and I also brought my CY telecaster out of retirement. Ever since I bought the Guyatone in NYC the tele has been in Rob's basement, forlorn with it's silver sparkle stickers "C" and "Y" on it's face, placed there years ago by yours truly in a moment of great but fleeting optimism. But last night the tele proved itself all over again. Truth is that the tele is quite a bit bigger and heavier than the Guyatone so it doesn't work as well for touring that involves air travel. As you know, I can carry the Guyatone and the small Taylor in one backpack on my back all over Tarnation in a way I cannot the tele and the Martin. They require two separate heavy cases. But for all these shows I am traveling to in my own car, they are somewhat superior because they're bigger and more sturdy and make probably, arguably, bigger better sound.

Anyway, last night I felt great about my sound, and let's face it, it's all about the sound. Not just the sound in terms of too quiet or too loud, but whether you can create a Heavenly sound experience that draws in the human heart, a sound that human souls want to gather near to warm their hands by the fire of the beautiful sound, the profound goodness, the sacred made manifest through the making of sound.

Well, I felt it last night. And I know that people who were there did too. I saw it on their faces, I felt it in their silent listening. 

I also saw the tip jar that was full at the end of my show, and the books purchased, the cds, the vinyl red records.

Thank you people and thank you God.

I went to the grocery store on the way home and bought eggs and milk and cheese, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, three different beautiful soups to make over the coming weekend and next week. I felt proud to be able to buy whatever I wanted and pay with the money I had just earned doing what I believe I do best of all.

Thank you people and thank you God.

I have two shows today and a big show this Saturday night.

I hope to be able to make some more magic happen.

Check my calendar on the website for details. 

Love to all.

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