Good And Evil

Folks, there is Good and there is Evil, and if you think there isn't then I am here to set your ass straight.

I have had so many great one on one conversations in the past few weeks, and a theme running through them all has been the motivations of others and the benevolence or malevolence in their intentions.

I have been the Evil. I have been the ugliness, the bitterness, the striving, the grasping. I'm not sure I've ever hoped something bad would happen to anyone....oh wait, no, I have. I used to wish that one particular husband would die. There I said it. I did do that.

So people can have good motivations or evil motivations.

I have seen the subtle and the not so subtle lately.

I think that when you are trying to do something big and you are really taking risks, the actions of others towards you have an exaggerated effect on you.

If somebody is nice, boy, you notice it.

If somebody is discouraging, or manipulative, or worse yet undermining, you feel that.

So, in my recent conversations I have been so very uplifted by confirmations that I'm not imagining things; Good and Evil are real.

Most people try to stay on the Good side and only slip from time to time into the Evil.

I have slipped a lot, for sure.

But, like, even though I was really over that one husband, I didn't try to poison him or anything. And now I'm actually very grateful that this particular ex husband is in this world. I thank God he is! He brings a lot to the people I love most, in many ways.

I love staying in line with Good now. I love how it feels to be all filled up with Love that is brimming over inside of you and all around you.

There's a magnificent song I have been singing for many years written by a guy named Peter Mayer.

On this tour's last concert in Germany, the night before Easter Sunday, I added this song to our set.

I almost couldn't sing it because I was so overwhelmed by the words as they were coming out of my mouth.

My brain and my heart were both on fire from the magnitude of the words I was singing.

The second verse says.....

"....when Holy water was rare at best, barely wet my fingertips, now I have to hold my breath, it's like I'm swimming in a sea of it"

Amen, Peter Mayer.

How do you capture this feeling for yourself?

How do you not have this feeling be a fluke?

It's like getting good sex right with a true companion.

You can learn to have this feeling any time, all the time.

The revelation to internalize is that this feeling is your soul in perfect communion with the Good.

Free yourself, free the world.

You purify your soul, you clear your mind of Evil, you clear your heart of yearning or hatred, and you are swimming in the Goodness.

You can then work magic.

You then have access to the Glory.

For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory.

This is from the Christian "Lord's Prayer".

The kingdom and the power and the glory are not yours or mine. They belong only to the Good. If you can align yourself with Good and eradicate your Evil you can partake of the kingdom and the power and the glory.

What do you think of this?

I maybe am finally understanding what all the hymns I sang in church choir were telling us.

I don't want to make a blog about religion.

I do want to acknowledge that I am reverent these days to the powers of Good and Evil.




Petra Schmidt April 11, 2018 @12:43 pm
God? Evil? I choose the angel! Life is 10 % of what happens to you and 90 % of how you react to it.
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