Going out more

For Fall 2018 I have an idea about going out more in Minneapolis.

There are some pretty cool things going on at the museums especially that I would probably be into.

I usually stay home a lot because in between my own shows I become a hermit.

I am so talked out from seeing all the fans and friends I love at shows and on tour that when I'm at Rob's house in Minneapolis I usually kind of hide out.

But this Fall is different.

There's a feeling of promise, of rejuvenation, in the air I feel.

I have cleared my path of some situations that were making me uncomfortable.

I have made my intentions clear to those around me and to the Lord above.

Right now, I'm giving myself and the Universe time to plot and plan and make 2019 my best year yet.

I will have the energy to go out and have plain old fun I think!

I want to wear a boss outfit in my new prairie goddess vibe, bring a tiny beaded bag or my mother's gorgeous gold chain mail lame bag from 1970, and go to all the cool stuff other people have set up for our amusement this Fall.

Get your game on Minneapolis. I'm coming to your show!

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