go with the flow

This blog post is titled "go with the flow" but it could also be called "wow I'm going a lot of places in a short period of time and I feel like wishing I didn't have to do all these things but that would just be ungrateful fear and laziness".

Go with the flow.

I actually applied for thirty summer festivals around the USA for this summer and only got "we really liked your music and you were definitely in the top finalists for spots but we didn't take you but we strongly encourage you to apply again next year."

I will apply to all of them again next year and I bet I will get some.

But in the meantime this summer has filled up with all sorts of cool stuff I didn't envision at all.

I wanted action!

I wanted more performances in more places!

Today Rob and I drive to Chicago and play a show tonight at the Blue Island Beer Company, Southside of Chicago.

I am very excited to be developing a fanbase in my hometown after so many years of being away.

After I ran away from home at seventeen I never went back to live in Chicago ever again.

But now my first novel came out from a publisher in Chicago and suddenly it's all making sense to go back there.

I'm very grateful for the way these summer shows and events are unfolding, so grateful.

Tomorrow I will give a songwriter's workshop at the Chicago Public Library in Flossmore, Southside Chicago.

I can't wait!

The libraries are being very supportive of my new book.

Songwriter workshop in a public library! What a blast!

Okay, so no dumb old fear. Fear just slows you down.

See you at a show!


Josephine Lane June 20, 2018 @10:09 am
Going with the flow is the only way to go.
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