go forward together

As you may have seen by now, my oldest child, my daughter Nina, who goes by Nina Luna in her music career, is coming with me on tour. (www.thisisninaluna.com)

This is a new development to say the very least.

The pictures below were taken yesterday in preparation.

I'm really excited about the new prospects here.

Rob took the picture of Nina and me.

Nina took the picture of me.

We are working together in new ways, supporting each others' efforts in stronger ways.

It used to be that Nina wanted nothing to do with my music career, and probably rightly so.

But times have changed and this tour is the first time we are doing anything collaborative with our two careers.

Nina made her first full length album of original songs when she was fifteen.

Her father and I were already divorced, and I was already working with Rob G making recordings.

Rob produced Nina's first two albums before she decided she needed to learn how to do all the producing herself, on her laptop, in her first rented room in New York after college.

She's always had her own style, quite different from mine, and she really developed that in the past ten years.

She's twenty-eight now and I think we're both able to hold our sense of self and not get swayed by the other person too much when we're together.

Heading out on the open road will be exciting. We're going to get an idea of what's possible I think.

I already feel a sense of what's possible just in what's happening in Minneapolis these days before the tour.

We're going to do a few appearances together over the coming week and I'm excited to see how it feels to work this way together.

She's only going to open the show with a song or two or five, whatever she wants, but I think if it goes well and she starts to enjoy the audience we draw together, she may be willing to do a couple of songs with me and I think everybody would love that.

I'm not saying that I want us to turn into a family band together. I don't.

But it's just a nice feeling to have some collaboration and mutual support happening.

Plus we're going to be in Denver for Ava's birthday, the little sister of Nina, my middle child.

There's a lot to look forward to. 

The world is a very very beautiful place of great possibility if we just keep our heads and our hearts in the game together.

Better together.

All of us.

I believe that.

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