A guy who's another singer songwriter in Minneapolis drove by me in the grocery store parking lot around 7pm.

I had been playing all afternoon out in the sun on the Apple River patio in Wisconsin.

I was going in after my hour drive home to buy some much needed groceries with the cash I made from my merch table, around $60.

The guy slowed down right beside me, and rolled down his window.

He started yelling, "Hey it's the rock goddess, or no it's the folk goddess, or no it's punk, it's gospel, what is it again?"

Can you believe that?

A guy making fun of the efforts someone is making in his same profession?

This is the kind of thing that makes you think that if he's saying this to my face, what's he saying behind my back?

I guess everything in life is fair game.

We all know that nothing is sacred if you don't want it to be.

My efforts to promote myself are clearly not sacred to him.

He caught me so off guard, I was so dazed by what was happening, I answered dreamily, so tired from the sun and the singing and the driving, "Yeah, hi Dan, yeah, which is it? I don't really know any more. What should it be?"

He looked a little surprised like maybe he didn't think I'd sound so tired.

He said some nice salutation like, "Have a great evening" and drove off.

So, what genre am I in now with my music?

I guess some of it is rock and some of it is folk.

Some of it has a bit of a punk rock edge.

Some of it has a gospel tone and message.

I have this fun thing #rockgoddessonduty which is a hashtag on social media that no one in the whole world but me has ever used.

But I'm doing so many casual solo shows right now..on Wisconsin and Minnesota..that rock goddess sounds a bit too flashy right now.

So for those shows I added #folkgoddessonduty which no one else in the whole world is using either.

So what.

Sorry Dan.

Sorry if it bugs you Dan.

Maybe Dan just needs a hashtag of his own.

Hashtag: #mindingmyownsongwriterbusiness 

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