Generate Content and Pray

Tell the world what you want.

Ask out loud for what you want.

I want to get my music heard by people in the music industry who want to help me break on through to the other side.

I send emails to record label executives.

They listen and write back with compliments and encouraging words, which is promising.

But no one has said, "Okay let's do this!" yet.

I'm looking for the right American label that will be excited about who I am and what I'm doing.

I want to be playing shows every night most of the year in cities across the country and the world.

My live performance abilities are the best they've been in my whole life and my songs are strong enough to do a whole concert of original pieces and feel great about the entertainment value and the message.

I am playing over 100 shows a year across the US and Europe but for all of my travels I am only a little above the break even mark financially right now.

I play to filled rooms, but very small rooms.

I want some power behind me that can promote my music to radio, book me in better places for more pay, get the press that my new album deserves.

In the meantime I believe in staying focused and generating quality content.

If the content is great enough and I am consistent and persistent, and I keep doing the heavy lifting on my own, eventually the industry will believe.

If you're reading this, consider sharing my website with someone you think might like my music.

I will continue to generate content and I will continue to pray.



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