gearing up for summer europe tour!

From tonight through the rest of this week we are gearing up for our summer Europe tour.

Rob is mixing the new cover tunes album tonight.

Tomorrow we start burning cds and putting together the packaging ourselves....well, this part will be mostly me because Rob will be working with other clients this week finishing other artist's projects before he leaves town for three weeks.

I may not write these daily blogs again until I'm back from the tour.

I feel like the daily blog is to keep me feeling connected to people when I'm home in Minneapolis working in solitude much of the time on new writing.

So, this is it!

I feel that this has been a real breakthrough period for me and I'm looking forward to playing liberated, joyful, glorious shows every night.

If the house concert in Minneapolis last night was any indication, the fifteen shows in eighteen days in Germany and beyond should be a total blast!

I wish you all a beautiful last month of summer and I'll catch up with you on social media until I return to Minneapolis!



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