fun yesterday and today

I cancelled my show last night.

I really hardly ever do that.

I don't think I cancelled more than one show in all the 130 shows I played in 2018.


But the weekly residency I do is very dependent on the weather we have found, and when I called over there two hours before my show the guys who work there thought it might be smarter to stay home, save gasoline, be safe, and not make them stay open longer than absolutely necessary so they could get home themselves.

So we agreed to cancel my show.

I went down into Rob's basement, opened the wooden case from France that holds several bottles of a very very good red wine that he has been saving for years.

The case was already opened, we've shared a bottle or two of it already.

But, hey, I did a lot of shoveling of snow on his property yesterday.

And he's on tour in Spain.

And I heated up the tea kettle eight times and poured hot water out on the back gate because it had frozen shut and you couldn't get out to the alley with the garbage bags any more. I succeeded in getting it unstuck and I carried out the garbage and unburied the two garbage bins that had been plowed into a heap of snow.

I shoveled all the snow off Rob's car so he wouldn't be stuck when he gets back.

I shoveled our front walk and the sidewalks in front of both neighbor's houses as well.

Okay, I like to shovel snow.

I love to shovel really beautiful white fluffy brand new snow.

I had a blast.

And I only drank like a glass and a half of the wine, truthfully.

I have it now for the rest of the weekend, a glass here and a glass there, since it's going to be very cold weather and I have no shows.

Lastly, for today, I have two fun activities planned.

I'm going to help a new friend and client who is an excellent pianist and all around musician work on her very first foray into serious songwriting. I can't wait!

And then one of my very favorite friends in the whole world is coming over to Rob's house and bringing me a birthday dinner because this is the beginning of my birthday week.

And a great epic week it shall be.

My oldest daughter Nina is coming to stay for a while to work on her new music.

And Rob arrives from Spain on my birthday.

And on Valentine's Day I get to play at the Underground Music Cafe again.

That's the news from my neck of the deep woods.


Here's the view from my armchair last night.....

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