follow the breadcrumbs

I am following breadcrumbs through the deep dark forest because I cannot "see the forest for the trees" as they used to say when everyone knew what it was like to be walking through a densely forested path, unable to get the full lay of the land, hoping to soon come upon a clearing. I looked it up just now and I saw that this expression was already in use in the 1500's in England.

I cannot see far ahead right now.

I can only see today, made the plans I've made for the coming weeks and months only exist so far in a dream state, on paper, on my website calendar.

Even things I've committed to I'm not sure how I will make happen.

But I am very excited about this year and I like everything I am planning.

As I try to flesh out each idea, I follow breadcrumbs right in front of my face.

Yesterday and today I have sat in the same spot for many hours at a time, probably ten hours yesterday, and already five hours today before I wrote this, watching the world unfold before me on my laptop, one little lead at a time.

I saw that an artist I know and love was playing at the same place I'm hoping to play in October in Maine.

I followed the link to his website and saw that he's also playing in Zumbrota, Minnesota at a center for the arts so I wrote to them about playing a concert there when my new cover tunes album finally emerges.

Tiny leads, tiny breadcrumbs taking me through a dense forest os random possibilities.

I wrote to a songwriter in Upstate New York who I really love asking if I could do a show with him in October on my way out to Maine.

He responded by sending me an angry frown imoji face and no words.

God Lord, what did I do to offend him?

My heart pounded and I wrote back asking if I had somehow offended him the last time we played together out on tour.

He wrote back right away, "Oh sorry, must have been a typo!"

Whooo! It's a scary world to navigate!

I stick my neck way far out when I am making inquiries this way on my own behalf.

But, it's the only way I know, and for whatever reason I feel inspired to do it.

I am grateful for the energy and the strength I feel to do this work right now.

Part of the reason I feel confident is that I received word yesterday that I am the 2019 recipient of a small but prestigious artist award.

I can't announce it yet, and it is not a life or game changer, but it is lovely and very very encouraging to me.

So, while I have some wind in my sails I am trying to really make some positive movement!

Love to you today where ever your path is taking you.


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