first Minneapolis show tonight!

So much fun to be back in Minneapolis.

I'll be having fun tonight playing at the little Egg Roll Queen Cafe where they finally got their liquor license figured out so we can have a glass of wine or a beer.

There's so much going on all of a sudden for me.

I have so many ideas about new songs right now and barely have time to work on them.

There's a lot to do.

I want to put out this new cover tunes record.

That's top priority.

Second is the videos we filmed.

Nina and I are going to edit them ourselves.

There should be three videos for three of the songs for this new record.

So exciting.

I updated my website this morning to show where I've been and what's coming.

I'm opening for Peter Himmelman Sunday night, and I noticed that his genre info on his stuff says something like poetic folk rock.

I'm sort of feeling the poetic folk rock vibe right now too.

I put #folkgoddessonduty on all my stuff for the tour because I'm feeling less rock, more folk.

It's just happening, there's nothing I can do about it.

It's just morphing into that a bit right now.

That's what I used to be anyway.

I just got really fired up and angry for a while but now I'm revisiting my acoustic guitar roots and it feels right.

Also, a lot of my songs still sound more filled out and atmospheric with the Guyatone so that is not going away.

I have two new pedals I'm putting on my pedal board for the show Sunday; my my echo pedal is kind of lame so Rob ordered me a new reverb pedal, and the switching pedal that allows me to run my acoustic guitar through the pedal board as well as my electric was broken on the tour.

Those pedals plus some groceries plus that last cheap hotel room sort of cleared out the last of the cash from the tour, so tonight and Sunday's shows, hopefully, people will buy my books and recordings!

Okay, that's stream of consciousness, odds and ends, real life, back from tour update.

Love and peace and Springtime joy to you.

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