Finnish Bistro again tonight, and I'm grateful to them

The Finnish Bistro had me booked once a month through the end of this year already. 

We added my June residency on Tuesdays later.

I LOVE my residency there.

It's working out so great, people are coming and listening and I feel appreciated and creative in my performances.

I also get to play there tonight because this Friday show from 6:30-8:30pm was already on the books.

The thing about having a local home base as a songwriter is that you can feel safe there.

I had that safe feeling for a pretty decent run at the Underground, although the management was having troubles and sometimes things were not running smoothly there.

Then that place was sold and the new owners said stuff like "only free coffee for the musician, no wine" which was the kiss of death to a person like me, not because I'm such a huge drinker of alcohol, but because I like to feel that the people are generous and kind and appreciative of me and my music.

The Finnish Bistro is a step up for me in many ways as far as a home base goes.

The food is consistently delightful, the wine and beer selection is always stocked, the staff are professional and fun and nice to me.

I get to have a free dinner and a glass of wine and some pay, a percentage of what gets purchased during my performance, at the end of the evening.

The atmosphere is more crisp and more legitimate than the old Underground, and this is a big deal to me, because even if I'm trying out new material, I have the feeling of wanting to be more professional about it.

I felt like I could be irreverent and even sloppy in my performances at the Underground, and really that wasn't good for anyone.

I see that there are always new people frequenting the Finnish Bistro and that these patrons are of all ages and all walks of life and they keep me vigilant about how I present myself on stage.

It's a great balance of public space and safe haven for me.

Please come tonight if you're free and want to feel like you belong somewhere.

I promise we will feel that way together.

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