Fell off the wagon

I fell off the blogging wagon for the past week.

I decided it was just too hard to bring my laptop on the camper van northwoods tour.

I didn't even bring it along.

I was right too.

It would have been way too hard.

You know how the sardines look in the little tin cans?

That was Rob, me, and my dog in the 1970 camper van.

That may sound like complaining but it really isn't.

I loved it!

We really had fun.

Being back in my old territory, up in the deep woods, seeing the shining waters of Vermilion and Superior, I was happy the whole time.

I also got a really bad cold that settled into my throat.

Now I am complaining.

My singing voice was just about completely gone half way through the week.

I never cancel shows.

I literally have only cancelled one show in the past ten years. Rob attests to this.

There was a lot of Throat Coat, Emergen-C, Cold-Eez, and every other terrible tasting concoction anyone could come up with.

Honey, lemon, whiskey.

Some kind of stuff you spray into the back of your throat that makes you gag.

An hour before one of the shows, Rob literally took matters in his own hands.

He looked up acupressure remedies for hoarseness on his phone.

Then with his phone for reference in one hand, he stood over me where I was resting on the bed in our host's lovely guest room, and proceeded to bruise several parts of my neck, my wrists, my hands.

So weird.

He would ask, "Does this hurt?"

And if I squealed out a very hoarse, "Yeesss!"

He would say, "Okay great."

He'd push on that place as hard as he could then with his thumb.

Well, it seemed to work!

We played great shows and got invited back, begged to come back even!

So, I am setting up more shows up north for the beginning of September.

In the meantime we have three weeks until our August Europe tour!

No rest for the wicked, to comfort be no slave, destiny is calling, fortune favors the brave!



Josephine Lane July 11, 2018 @11:29 am
I missed the blog when you fell off the wagon.
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