feeling a sense of accomplishment overall

Tonight we play our last show in the beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado.

I've played at The Laughing Goat before and I love it there.

We're splurging and staying at the old pioneer town hotel called The Boulderado.

Tomorrow we plan to try to save money by driving straight home to Minneapolis which will be about fourteen hours all said and done.

My Jeep is doing great so far and I hope we make it back happy and healthy.

As for the music, I feel a stronger conviction than ever that I just want to go around singing these songs for people who want to hear them.

It's sort of like that thing some people say about art...that art gives you something you didn't know you needed.

It's not that anyone young or old is walking around saying, "damn I sure wish some lady would show up with a guitar and sing all these old songs that bring a sense of where we've been and where we still need to go."

But that's what we say at the end of the night, sometimes, most of the time, if I do a good job and people take time to listen.

So, tonight I will do my very best and I will enjoy the heck out of it because it's really the very best thing I know how to do at this point.

Love from Colorado!


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