Fear is my Enemy and Money is my Rival

The duality of my circumstances is a message from the Lord that is not lost on me.

I just completed my tour in Europe.

I generated enough money to pay for all the expenses and to pay Rob what he rightly deserves for being away from his recording studio for a whole month playing 26 shows in 32 days in foreign cities for the promotion of my music.

After all is said and done it was an artistic breakthrough, a spiritual breakthrough; many lessons learned, many fears assuaged.

But this morning I am walking up to the bank with a bag of sixty dollars worth of coins...literally from my piggy bank...to make sure my health insurance payment doesn't bounce.

The piggy bank is supposed to be a fun thing that we use like once a year, when it's really full, for something fun like a family party.

Okay, so I'm having to use the piggy bank to make sure the health insurance check (which is $880 because I missed last month worrying about tour expenses) doesn't bounce. What does this say? What does this say about me? What does this say about my career as an artist? 

I'm going to decide right now what it says.

It says, "Get back Devil!"

It says, "You can't bully me, Money!"

It says, "Any day now, any day now, I shall be Released!"

You know why the gesture of bringing the bag of coins to the bank makes these powerful statements?

Because it says I am grateful that I have health insurance three years in on being a full time artist.

Because it says I'm resourceful.

It says I will do whatever it takes to maintain my artistic independence.

I am aware of the wildly audacious choice I am making to be a full time artist.

I am willing to make the inevitable sacrifices.

Every lifestyle has it's price.

Every job has it's unpleasantries.


I have my Freedom.

Fear is my enemy and money is my rival.

I believe that faith means that I should stay on my path and be so grateful that there were enough coins in the piggy bank to make up the difference this morning. What a miracle!

I have everything I need!

I'm drinking coffee with dark chocolate in it right now at 7am on a Monday.

At 8am I'm going to walk up to the bank which is two miles each way.

I love to walk and it's a true luxury and a great blessing to have the time and the health to make that walk.

Today I'm meeting with a group of college seniors at The University of St. Thomas to discuss their final project for their major in Music Business. They have chosen to represent the music artist Courtney Yasmineh as an "artist management group" for their senior project. They've been following the release of my new album and my Europe tour and working with Prof. Steve Cole on new strategies for better visibility for my music in the marketplace.

Isn't that a wonderful miracle?

Also, later today, I get to work with one of the artists I mentor. A great guy who is a corporate executive is working with me on his first novel and today we'll be going over a new chapter. I am getting paid to do that, so I will be able to stop at the grocery store on the way home. And tonight, I should be able to empty a few coins out of my pockets back into the piggy bank!

Fear is my enemy and money is my rival, gratitude is the remedy and love is my survival.

Keep the faith.

Fortune favors the brave!




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