fashion statement: Prairie Goddess

I want to say that I am into some shifting fashion statements right now and I love when that happens.

I am "repurposing" some longer hemlines for Fall by pairing Seventies style higher heel hippie boots and wide legged velvet pants with tied up band t shirts and my mod hip length corduroy jacket.

I am also wearing chunky heeled lace up boots with long dresses for a slightly Victorian era, slightly menswear inspired, prairie goddess vibe.

Prairie Goddess pretty much sums up my Fall 2018 fashion goals.

It's not about shopping, it's about using a closet full of gorgeous stuff in new fun ways that make me feel happy and fabulous in my present habitat. 

See you out and about on the trails and the paths and the highways and byways of this Midwestern Paradise this Fall as I enjoy some much needed no-travel time with my dog and my man and my mom and my kids and my friends, and you.


Josephine Ann Hajek September 04, 2018 @03:07 pm
Can't wait to see the new look for fall.
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