fashion show recap

I went to a fashion show...or more precisely, the premier of a new collection by a fashion designer in Minneapolis.

This woman whose company is is really wonderful.

Her designs are very intricate dressmaker creations, very modern and also very old world in their feel.

She uses a lot of tulle and had several dresses last night that look like something I want to wear on stage.

Joy has made a performance ensemble for a music artist in Minneapolis called Dessa, and Dessa was again in the show last night.

That was great.

Joy and I have spoken briefly about her designing something for me to wear as well.

I will be so excited when that moment comes.

I'm working towards having some shows worthy of her creations!

And on the way to that divine destination there are many things I can do to ensure success.

Last night was an example of some new thinking I'm employing.

I bought two of the $35 tickets and invited my daughter Nina to join me.

We each had a glass of the $6 cava when we got there.

I knew that going to a fashion event like that, where I knew the designer and love her sensibility, would be good for me.

Sort of like making the scene, but more like widening my sphere of context in the city where I'm living.

I play so many small shows in bars and coffeehouses and on patios that I start to see myself as a person who would only choose these sorts of destinations.

But I know there is so much more to see, so much more to experience in life and in Minneapolis.

So, the money I spent was an investment in myself and my daughter and our visions of ourselves and the world around us.

And it was worth it.

I knew a few people.

I enjoyed the people and the clothes and the show.

I didn't feel that I was with a predictable cross section of this smaller city.

I felt that there were very few, possibly, literally, only one other singer/songwriter was there, a guy I know who loves vintage 1970's fashion and was dressed very cool with his wife.

Mostly it just felt like a Springtime fling of fresh faces, new ideas, beautiful clothes, beautiful concepts.

The clothes are hand made here in Minneapolis at the designer's lovely little dressmaker shop.

Isn't that delightful?

You have to wear something a lot of the time anyway.

You might as well make it good.

I love you.

Have a beautiful Springtime day where ever you are.

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