facing some limitations

I'm facing my limitations, I mean, a limitation or two, let's say, because of course there are many many limitations that can be put on a person or that a person can put on themselves.

Not anything we really want to dwell on, right?

Yesterday we bailed on going in to Austin.

We were about two hundred miles away still.

The phone was telling us that the traffic was at a virtual stand still closer in.

I remembered what that was like from the other two years I played at SXSW.

Most people stay somewhere outside the city and then they all try to drive in each day for the shows.

We didn't have a room for the night planned out because we didn't know how much driving we'd want to do when we left Austin again.

We were starting to figure that out and it was sounding like, to get our budget of a $50 room, we were going to be driving a long way.

I was waitlisted for three solo showcases but I didn't get any.

Yes it was a long shot.

No I'm not surprised I didn't get them since that was such a last possible option kind of thing.

But I still thought we'd go to Austin and Nina could see what it's all about.

But we didn't go at all.

I feel a bit ashamed about it because we were so close and it would have been cool........

But would it have been?

As you know, we're operating on the shoe string of shoe string budgets, and Austin during SXSW is expensive.

We would have had almost eight hours of additional gasoline, wear and tear on ourselves and my car.

Nina said it first.

"Mom, if you aren't going to be able to play, maybe we should just save ourselves all this hassle and head towards Santa Fe now instead."

I would never have let up on it on my own. If Rob Genadek had been with us the plans would not have been changed I'm guessing.

But I was facing the additional travel and then the walking around to all the bars and listening to all the bands and wishing I was playing. 

We took the next highway exit that said Amarillo and we headed west.

From a physical standpoint we did the right thing.

Eight to ten hours in the car the last three days getting from Minneapolis into Texas has been a lot.

Okay, so please understand, and try to see, that it wasn't an easy decision and yet it was very easy.

In many ways it was made for me.

There was a house concert opportunity I thought might pan out in Austin that didn't.

There was a free place to stay in Austin that didn't pan out.

There were endorsements from industry guys that I thought would cement my solo showcase spot but didn't.

In the end, to just go walk around was a bummer we couldn't afford.

So there you have it.

We are in Amarillo.

We're okay. My car's okay.

Today we plan to go to some beautiful ruins in Santa Rosa and film footage for music videos.

Hell yeah, that sounds like creative productive fun!

Nina is a trooper.

So are you.

Thanks for caring.

I would love to go someplace nice for lunch or dinner but we are short on funds.

Help us survive our dream at www.gofundme.com/CYTour where we are about two thirds of the way to our modest goal of $1500.

Any help is appreciated. Touring as an independent music artist into parts unknown is an investment in my career. Bringing along another music artist, my 28 year old daughter who has been putting out albums of her own original songs since she was fifteen, is a privilege and a challenge. We are doing the work, one foot in front of the other. 

Yesterday in Amarillo...

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