everybody has to start somewhere

It's very very cold and very very windy in Minneapolis today, and the forecast says more of this for the next ten days.

I'm hunkering down.

Rob is leaving for Spain on tour with another recording artist he produces.

It's just going to be my little dog and me.

I have a bunch of solo shows these next two or three weeks to keep me busy.

And, of course, I have my eye on the future as always, trying to implement all sorts of plans to be out on tour and to be making and releasing recordings and music videos.

I went out last night with another songwriter and videographer I know and love.

He talked about how he hasn't put out any of his own music yet.

He thinks it's scary to open yourself up to critique, to disappointment.

He's right. It is.

This morning I came across a band on Instagram that is announcing that they just got a record deal and are now going on tour opening for the Dixie Chicks.

I scrolled down through their Instagram feed and looked at their posts all the way back to when they started on Instagram which was 2011.

They weren't even together then, it was just the one guy. They didn't even know each other yet.

You could see that the one guy was trying to make it as a songwriter in Nashville.

Then you see pictures of the girl.

Then you see a picture of their first poster with their new band name.

Then you see several years of playing tons of shows all over the place.

Now you see them getting their first record deal.

You have to start somewhere.

And also you have to know that you cannot see what is coming for you.

I am hunkering down, I am enjoying the silence, I am preparing for the potential for exciting things.

I have no idea what the future holds and neither do you.

We can only be our best in this moment so we're ready when the invitation arrives.

Love to you from Minnesota.


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