every little detail

Do you see that in life it takes every little detail to get the best feeling possible?

This blog is unfolding like a novel, if I do it right.

I am trying to add the best details to help flesh out the vision of one artist's struggle.

Tonight is my first of four shows at the Finnish Bistro.

I want it to go really well.

I am going to wear a dress that has been in the past always a little too tight but that I think I finally can wear proudly tonight, if you know what I mean.

I also am trying this new vocal and guitar delivery concept that one fan recently dubbed "quiet is the new loud".

My Amy Winehouse explorations have given me a different perspective on vocal projection, based more on getting your song in the right key for strong delivery instead of projecting the hell out of everything every time.

The best me I can be.

I have never yet in my life achieved it.

Some people think you can only achieve something really excellent at a young age but that's not true.

I know that tonight is a whole new ball game for me.

Honestly, every night is a whole new ball game.

There's an expression that you're only as good as your NEXT gig.

Not the one that let's you rest on your laurels, but the one that's coming up.

I am really hoping to prove something to myself tonight.

All the compliments in the world will not matter if I don't love what I do tonight.

I want to love this show.

God help me.

May the Creator smile on me tonight.

And on you where ever you are.

Love to you.


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