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In the category of "do everything you can" I want to say that today I'm planning to begin the process of applying for a writer's grant.

There's a McKnight Fellowship that comes due November first. You have to have a book already published in the same genre. I do.

That's a miracle in and of itself. I have all the qualifications to apply for this grant!

So the way I see it, I simply must apply, because I can and I want to and I should.

You have to submit a "sample" of 20-25 pages of your own writing. It has to be something new that hasn't been published.

I want to knock this out of the park!

I don't think it should be about Sidney at all.

Since book two of Sidney is completed and I need a publisher for that series to continue, I feel like that should not be the focus of just is a less creative way to go because I know the trajectory of that story because it's based on me.

This would be totally new.

I witnessed one of my student/clients in recent weeks make huge steps forward with his writing when he suddenly lurched off track and started writing about a female character he had never planned to write about. I told him that this new vein of writing put him in the enviable position as a writer of having a truly made up story he was immersed in. I want that freedom!

So today I begin to write the 20-25 pages. Also, it can be fiction or memoir. Hmmmmmmm...........


Jeff September 21, 2018 @01:24 pm
Good luck with the writing and the McKnight Fellowship
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