dharma and last night's work

The work I did last night is my day job.

I drove an hour.

I carried in from the parking lot three loads of equipment, guitars, PA system and stands, box of merchandise to sell.

I set up my sound system and instruments for an hour.

I played for three hours with one ten minute break.

I packed everything up, carried it back out in three trips, and drove an hour home.

That was a fair amount of work.

I made $100 guaranteed by the venue and another $150 in merchandise sales and tips from the patrons at the bar.

I was up there at my microphone singing and I thought, "This is it. Singing for people. I love this. This is my work. I don't care how many people or where. I live for this."

I was so happy.

If you've seen me play live, you've seen me this happy.

The place was packed, everybody was in high spirits.

The terrible cold weather finally lifted yesterday and it was twenty degrees above zero Fahrenheit when I was loading my things in at 7pm.

People were happy and fun and it was just everything I ever wanted.

Also, I do love what I'm learning about myself by playing all of these shows solo.

It's not that I'll never play with a band again, it's just that these solo performances are so deeply rewarding.

I own my successes and I own my failures.

Last night I played off of my new thirty two song set list.

I played every song and Tangled Web twice, once near the beginning and once near the end.

Wow, what a great night.

I love my work.


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