Denver today!

We're heading out of Santa Fe this morning after two shows and a lot of filming for new music videos.

I read while I was here that Santa Fe has attracted "seekers" from all over the world for centuries.

Seekers seem to be anybody who is looking for something unseen, or possibly looking for something but they don't know what they're looking for.

Sounds like a pretty flaky bunch. Hahaha.

That's probably a very unenlightened thing to say, but it seems funny to me to be a seeker.

And I just may be one myself.

It's very hard to get my mind around driving and driving, touring for very little reward, in the worldly sense.

I am struck by the fact that I do not draw a big crowd to come see me perform.

I didn't at either show here in Santa Fe.

Truthfully, neither did the two local acts I played with, and neither did my daughter Nina, even with her very strong social media presence as Nina Luna.

One young guy told me last night, as he purchased my novel and some recordings of mine, that the show was very moving and that he considered coming to see us in a sparsely attended little brewery in Santa Fe a very lucky thing indeed. A very memorable night, he said.

Okay, so it isn't that I don't bring something to Santa Fe that is valuable, I do.

And I am a seeker and these people are somehow descendants of seekers or seekers themselves.

And I am a seeker, I must be, because why the hell else would I be doing all this.

I understand that what I seek is between myself and my God and is inside me in it's totality with no reason to go out into the world to find it.

But I think when you go out into the world and interact, and do whatever the hell you think you can do, you find what you seek inside yourself.

I think if you stay home in the comfort of your routine and you don't push yourself to see what there is to make of your one dazzling life, you may be less able to see what you have, what you are, what is the essence of your promise and your capability.

Okay, that's all I got.

Today is my feisty beautiful Ava's 27th birthday. 

We are driving into Denver on her birthday, I'm delivering to her her dear sister Nina.

These two have a very special connection and were very close in their childhood, they are only eighteen months apart in age.

Now is the time for them to renew their joyous bond, now that the competitions of the teen years have subsided.

Nina and I are playing a show in Denver and another in Boulder.

Ava says she's invited all her friends. She went to college in Boulder so she knows a lot of people.

She called me yesterday and said, "Mom, I hope you're going to be really good because I have invited all my friends."


I told her I can only do what I know how to do.

Love to you today where ever you are, and blessings to you in whatever you seek, where ever you seek it.



Courtney Yasmineh March 21, 2019 @09:52 am
thank you Josephine for your wisdom and encouragement. Really trying to go with the flow!
Josephine Lane March 20, 2019 @10:57 am
Courtney I think you are absolutely right about having to get out and about. You never know who you are going to meet and where it might lead. Life is an adventure.
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