Dakota Jazz Club 3/31/19

If you ask me, the photo below is one of my best live show photos ever.

I have the feeling that I have had all my life, which is that I'm going to reach some high heights before it's over.

I feel like it's getting closer but it isn't what it's going to be yet.

However, last night on stage, I had the feeling of invincibility that I think happens if you really give it all you got over a sustained period of time.

The sound was not necessarily perfect on stage, my guitars were not exactly dialed in the way I would have done it on my own little PA where I can tweak every little thing myself.

Rob and I rehearsed three nights in a row, but just having another person on stage, a person playing drums and singing harmonies, adds many new variables that I'm not used to since I've played so many shows solo lately.

But with a sound person working from the balcony on an ipad controlling much of what the audience would hear, and with Rob and I doing the duo format, I was able, with the help and support of Rob and the sound person, to rise to a new level in my performance.

I was talking to the audience as if I had known them for years, as if they were my audience. And that somehow worked.

People are people where ever you go I guess.

I was singing, and I just sang, I didn't think.

I didn't say, don't forget that you have to go to the Am chord...don't forget to start the second verse as a take down....

I didn't talk to myself at all, I just sang, happily, with great joy and abandon.

The photo here was taken by a guy in the audience, from the balcony.

I think it shows me at my very best.

In the past I have struggled to dress and wear my hair in ways that come across well enough in live performance photos.

I used to think I was dressed pretty great, and that my hair looked good, only to be shocked the next day when I saw photos of my performance.

It was hard to leave my "Mom years" behind and get serious about "dressing for the job you want".

My daughter Nina said last night that my outfit was like "disco cowgirl", which is perfect I'd say.

When you want to be an international superstar, you got to get aggressive about your wardrobe choices.

And your hair color, if I do say so myself.

One reason why female music artists have crazy looking hair..Dolly's wigs for example..is that it's easier to look "important" on stage when your hair is bigger and brighter than real life under the stage lights.

Well, I got me some stage hair last night and I am really happy about it because it's my real hair and it's just big and bright and beautiful, and I am doing it myself with a $10 box of bleach from Walgreens and the manicure scissors in Rob's bathroom. Yay! Go me!

The sound person came down from the balcony at the end of my performance and said to Rob and me that we "slayed".

Slayed is very very good.

We did. We fucking slayed.

The Dakota Jazz Club March 31st, 2019!




Courtney Yasmineh April 10, 2019 @12:45 pm
Carey, you're so awesome. I love you too.
Carey April 08, 2019 @05:40 pm
Courtney Yasmineh April 03, 2019 @09:47 am
Gratitude to you Josephine for your support.
Josephine Lane April 02, 2019 @12:33 pm
Courtney I'm glad you slayed them and the picture is stunning. You are great and don't forget it.
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