cover tunes album!

I have been wanting to record these songs for twenty years.

That says it all I suppose.

But to elaborate, I'm talking about a new album that I am making right now at Rob Genadek's Brewhut Recording Studio in Minneapolis.

One thing to say is that Rob has two studios in Mpls, and this is the smaller of the two that is less expensive because it's usually Rob's mixing suite that is just one room so there aren't the bigger costs of studio time for me to record there.

Since this album is being made speculatively as a collaboration between Rob and myself, Rob isn't charging me and we're both playing the instruments and singing, so there's no up front cost at all.

But last night we had a bassist/guitarist come in to help make the songs sound great.

Jon James has worked with many people and done songwriter projects of his own. He and I have worked together on my music for fifteen years.

When JJ arrived last night we talked about the songs I had chosen.

The three of us agreed that the songs have become a cohesive package already in my mind because I have been performing them for so many years. Played together as an album of Courtney Yasmineh music, they are lifted out of their own lexicon and remade into a narrative that is uniquely my own. It's bizarre to hear how this thing is shaping up into something of it's own.

None of the three of us wrote these songs, but we know them well, we've played them together on stages from Duluth to London to New Orleans to Amsterdam.

JJ played acoustic and electric guitars over what Rob and I already had played on drums and guitar for each song.

Rob and I loved what JJ added.

The recordings are coming alive as something I am calling "vintage Courtney Yasmineh", and we talked last night about the Northern Sound we think of when I say that. It's not Nashville, it's not Los Angeles, it's not New York, it's not Muscle Shoals.

I want to think of this sound the way we who revere Bob Dylan and his work think of the story of his Blood On The Tracks recordings. He had recorded the whole album in New York City, but he wasn't happy with the results, so a band was brought together in Minneapolis and the entire record was redone here. You can really hear the difference between the two sets of recordings.

There's some expression I like which says that geography is everything.

There are people in the music industry who talk about an artist's work having a sense of place.

Let's see if we can succeed in bringing these songs by great songwriters from other regions together into the framework of my own individual perspective as a woman whose life has been broadly informed by the world but who narrowly sees it all through the eyes of the girl in the cabin on the Canadian boarder in deepest winter, alone in a cabin at seventeen, in 1978.

That's what I want this to sound like.

I love this project.

I'm grateful to be working on this.

We plan to have DIY burned CDs for sale by August 1st!

This will be a very limited run. You can pre-order and it will be mailed to you on August 1st.

You can email me directly at or come to a show and buy one in the month of August!

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