cool shows on my calendar

I have cool shows on my calendar.

Cool shows on the calendar is like money in the bank.

One of the cool shows is opening for Peter Himmelman who is Bob Dylan's son-in-law.

It'll be Rob G and me as our rock duo, and the show is at the very nice Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis on March 31st.

That's only a couple days after returning from this Southwest Tour.

So exciting!

Peter Himmelman also wrote the advance praise for my first novel that is quoted on the back of the book jacket, so that's a fun tie in for that show too.

There's another really cool rock show coming up June 28th in Minneapolis that I can't announce yet, but we get to open for a really fun and well loved Minneapolis rock band that night at a very fun rock club.

I get to bring Rob and JJ, and as a trio we can really ROCK so that will be a BLAST.

I guess as much as I love playing solo and having that sincere and intimate connection to the songs and the people, I still am very excited at the prospect of getting to ROCK OUT.

Very exciting. Very fun.

These shows were invitations that came from these bands' management people.

That makes me feel like I'm getting on the right radar frequency with the right people now. No more under the radar for me, I pray.

Shine your light.

Live in the sunshine.

Be seen.

Wow, it feels good.

Also, we've added a second show in Santa Fe for this tour!

If you can make a donation to our cause, please consider checking out the gofundme campaign for my daughter and me.

I don't want us to sleep in the Jeep if we don't absolutely have to, but right now we only have $500 pulled together for a fourteen day tour and the shows have pretty low pay potential because we're going to markets where I'm still relatively unknown. 

Here's the link if you can help:


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