compensation for doing what you love feels great

Artists struggle.

They really do.

The time it takes to develop their ten thousand hours of mastery turns into years of hardship.

Then once they get good, there is a time period of being good but not yet having the acclaim necessary to command higher compensation.

The struggle is real.

If an artist can take jobs that aren't too exhausting and that pay enough for at least basic survival, and keep putting in their ten thousand hours towards becoming a master at their desired artistic craft, then they can get to the phase where they're good at what they do and people start to talk about their work.

If they can keep on surviving on very little when they know they're good now at what they do but they still don't have enough acclaim, if they can be patient and diligent and keep putting out good, maybe even better and better, work, they may be able to get to the beautiful place where they are valued in society, they are respected, their work is fairly compensated.

I have had glimmers lately of what this phase of my own career would feel like, when acclaim caught up with my efforts and I was recognized and compensated.

This feels great and it would feel great to have this be consistently my new experience.

I keep working. I keep making the effort and trying to do better and better work.


Courtney September 17, 2018 @02:30 pm
Thank you for your faith in me Josephine🙏🏻❤️
Josephine Ann Hajek September 17, 2018 @01:44 pm
The struggle is real for sure. One can only have faith and carry on. You deserve the best. Never doubt your talent as you are the best.
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