Chicago today and tomorrow!

I have an author event and a solo street fest performance today and tomorrow in Chicago!

I am leaving now to drive down and I plan to get into the city early and just walk around my hometown a bit.

This is a very great opportunity for me to reach another audience with my book/books and with my music.

I don't look forward to the author events because I don't love the feeling of being an author in that tribe of people.

But I love writing books and I love my books.

I write from a place of a songwriter writing about the life and perspective of a songwriter.

I don't know if I will write books later that have nothing to do with music and are just social commentary.

I might do that.

But right now anyway I'd MUCH rather play you a song on my guitar than read a passage from my book out loud to you.

Honestly, I hate doing that.

But this attitude may be obstructive and I will continue to try to be open minded about it.

I read today from my first published novel at 6:30pm in Chicago and I have the six hour drive to get my attitude straightened out.

I am very very grateful to be invited to do this.

I will remember that I'm very grateful to share my work with a potential new audience and I will enjoy reading out loud from my book.

I will.

I promise I will.

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