challenges persist

I have some hurdles to get over.

I have to buy plane tickets for Europe for the two guys and myself.

And I have to be able to reserve a rental car for Europe for the September tour.

I had whittled down my credit card debt a bit and I have intended to be able to put the tickets on my card as I have done in the past.

But I'm not getting ahead of the debt the way I want to yet.

I will.

I can.

But I haven't yet.

This tour may require one more fan funding effort.

I am gearing up for this plan to become a necessary reality.

My new cover tunes album is still in the works at Rob G's studio.

He isn't letting me hear it any more.

He's just working on it as he has time.

Rob is a musical mastermind.

I'm not.

I'm a singer and a writer of lyrics and melodies.

But Rob is a composer, a creative force in his own right.

For whatever reason he has really decided to go all in on this album of mine and he's just taking his time to find perfect musical ideas to fill out the background.

I will have to listen to it and decide if I can love it.

If I love it, great.

If I can't love it, it's not going to come out.

The truth behind that is probably that if Rob truly loves it, we all will.

That's what I do believe.

Then the release of the cover tunes album will put some new wind in our sails and the Fall will be exciting.

I am praying for this vision of the future.

Love to all.

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