Busking in Mpls

I am really psyched on being a street performer right now in Minneapolis.

I am writing the second novel in my four book series about a young songwriter named Sidney who is sort of me.

I write every morning from something like 6am until 11am.

Then when I can't take it any more, I bundle up in warm clothes (cute warm clothes ideally) and head downtown on the light rail train.

I have my Taylor guitar in a backpack case and I fill the case up with copies of my seven albums in cd and vinyl.

I even have a couple copies of "A Girl Called Sidney:The Coldest Place" with me.

I try to find a spot where I won't get arrested or hassled and I won't freeze to death.

So far so good!

Come find me. Most days from now until my next tour I will be downtown somewhere playing and singing in the afternoon.

Love to all!

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