breakthrough night last night

I felt like I was smiling from ear to ear last night at my little Thursday residency show.

First of all, there were so many friends and fans there for my performance, and that is just delightful.

Second of all, there was alcohol.

Even if you don't drink, even if you don't think anyone else should either, it is indisputable that a solo acoustic performance at a little cafe at seven in the evening is helped in a variety of ways by the availability of beer and wine.

It just makes the event seem like it has the potential to be more fun.

So, that all being said, what was really great for me about last night was that I didn't use a set list, and I played whatever I felt like playing, and it was really a joy to just go with the flow with the audience.

I cannot think of anything I enjoy more than being that person, the person on the microphone, in a room full of people, but not so much making it about me but making it about them.

I'm trying to say here that I got close to that last night.

It's sort of the feeling of being a teacher, but with no teaching involved, which is better because I don't want to teach.

It's like a communal love fest that brings all the strangers, and strangers to each other, all together in a shared comradery over the songs themselves.

I'm channeling the Holy Spirit and we're all getting off on that.

Something like that.

I got an email late last night from someone who had been at the show saying he had goosebumps during several moments last night.

I don't know this man personally and I didn't speak with him at the show, but he felt compelled to write and tell me how the show made him feel.

Okay. I'll take it.

As I said last night, you might not be able to tell just by looking at me but things are really starting to work out.

Everybody thought that was funny, but it's true.

I feel it.

This is starting to work out, people, and you are part of it and it's real.

Fuck yeah.

Have a beautiful Spring day.

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