Book Two is turned in!

I finished writing my second book yesterday.

It's the second novel in a four book series about a girl named Sidney who's a songwriter.

The stories are based on my own life and on my struggle to become a full time artist.

It's four books because it has taken me fifty-seven years to become a full time artist who can support herself, even if it is by the skin of my teeth.

I am driving to Chicago for two appearances this week.

I leave on Thursday morning and drive straight to an author event at a bookstore in Chicago in the evening.

I only have about two hundred dollars to my name right now and my credit card is maxed out so I am just praying nothing goes wrong.

The second event on Friday is a solo music performance at an outdoor street fair that I am very excited about and they are paying me a nice amount to play but they aren't sending me a check until later in the month.

I hope people will buy my recordings. I can't sell my books there because the publisher has a book table at these Chicago events and she gets all the revenue from any of my books she sells until my initial advance is paid off.

It's a tough world, people.

Everybody is always trying to make a buck off of everyone else.

Until you are playing that game yourself you don't recognize the signs of it in everyone else.

I remember a drummer I used to work with yelling at a guy who came up to us begging on the street.

He yelled, "Forget it brother, you're just gonna go buy some crack with it. Yeah, well, I gotta buy my own crack!"


The struggle is real.

The hustle is mandatory.


Jeff Parkman June 06, 2018 @08:49 pm
I think it will be accepted. Meanwhile, I think I'll re read your first one. Glad that you now have more creative energy to devote to your music and promotions. We have a friend in Chicago I'll let know you will be in town soon. We're back from Mexico tomorrow (June 7)
Courtney June 06, 2018 @07:11 am
Jeff, I have received comments from the only human being who has read it so far and she is very thrilled with the manuscript. I am feeling cautiously optimistic! I am hoping it will be accepted and will come out either this Fall or next Spring! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!
Jeff Parkman June 05, 2018 @10:56 pm
Congrats on submitting your second book!! Looking forward to reading it when it comes out.
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