The Earth is blooming all around us in Minneapolis now.

Yesterday I rode my bicycle all around getting posters printed and then delivering them and hanging them up to advertise this coming Saturday night's show.

Whole trees covered in pink petals! The ground covered in tulips! Daffodils on the hillsides!

How do we deserve such splendor?

We must be loved.

Delight abounds.

Rob, who's house I gratefully inhabit, has given me $60 to set up a little tomato garden in his big backyard.

I rode my bicycle to Mother Earth Garden Shop and looked at the plants yesterday.

Today I'm going back to buy four tomato plants and a bag of the special organic vegetable soil enhancement they sell.

I'm going to cut out a patch of grass in the Sun and start the vegetable garden.

Later today I'm going to work on music with one of my favorite students, who is turning sixteen very soon. She is blossoming into a very wise and beautiful young woman.

Also, one of my new songs was going through my head all day yesterday and I made progress on the lyrics and the melody.

Blooming all around us. 

Joy and abundance.

Also, by nothing short of a miracle, I was offered seven new shows yesterday!

All different things in different places.

I'll add them all to the calendar this morning.


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