believe it's all coming to you

I believe it's all coming to me.

That's a power of positive thinking kind of thing to say.

Some people hate that kind of thing.

I love it.

I used to think that way without knowing what I was thinking.

I used to picture what my new Fall wardrobe for school was going to be like. I would cut out pictures from Seventeen magazine and even from my mother's Vogue magazine, and from Elle magazine later on when I started buying more fashion magazines. I cut out pictures and I schemed about ways to get the clothes I already had to look like the outfits I loved. I usually decided there were one or two new things I would need to get the new look going. If I could I would buy the one or two things and just add them in with my older stuff. This is still what I'm doing with my clothes.

I really really love clothes and fashion. I don't care what you think of this statement. If this statement makes you squirm then you may want to examine what your ideas are about vanity or superficiality. Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Dylan, all the cool cats had their sartorial vibe going on. Part of popular music is fashion. I LOVE that. For me it's less about trying to look sexy and much more about trying to communicate awesomeness. Awesomeness is the goal. Awesome like Hiawatha, Pocahontas, Billy The Kid, Annie Oakley. These people dressed for success.

Also, I envision the sunroom with the snap on gas fireplace and the matte chamois yellow tile floor that I want to add on to Rob's house. I have my writing desk out in Rob's garage and I swear to God I am going to add on the sunroom and put my big wonderful desk in the front window which will go almost to the floor so my little dog can watch people go by on the street while I'm writing. And there will be a very sturdy new pine daybed with a trundle that pulls out for anyone who wants to stay overnight if the guest room is already spoken for. There will be a main floor small bathroom. There will be a screened in porch off the back. The huge old tree will finally get it's thousand dollar pruning that it desperately needs. My gardening efforts will be paying off and the back yard will be beautiful. 

I will go on tour more and more and be better and better.

I will write more books and record more albums.

Everyone I know and love will benefit from these projects in many different ways.

I believe it's all coming to me.

Believe achieve.

Street performance today on Nicollet Mall at noon!

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