I see these Christmas decorations around town and some say "Believe!" on them.

I do believe.

I'm not sure I believe in the circumstances that the Christian Bible portrays of the virgin birth.

I'm not sure I want to pray to Jesus instead of God, or the Mother Mary for that matter, or the Patron Saints either.

I like the idea of keeping it simple and going with a God/Universe/Great Creator sort of focus.

But I do like the idea of the Mother Mary and of Jesus Christ. I don't think there's anything not to like about either of them if you don't bring politics and history into it.

So, I celebrate Christmas because I like it...I LOVE it.

I can sing "Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem" without getting too worked up about how much Bethlehem has changed and how it currently does not represent the sentiments of the quaint song very well.....or maybe it does. I read a piece in the New York Times last year about the many religions who consider Bethlehem to be a Holy Place. Maybe it is just as Holy as ever. I truly hope that it is. That would be beautiful.

I think there are Holy Places and Holy Songs. I have been singing many of them at my December shows and will sing many more before this holiday season is over.

I have a lot to believe in this Christmas.

I believe in the effort I put in to making my family strong and healthy. My three children were my most colossal effort for many years. I put everything I had into raising them, not knowing what the outcome would be, praying that my instincts were good.

Now I see the fruits of my labors, in every way, with them and I now Believe that you reap what you sow.

In my music, and my writing, I see that every effort you make is indeed rewarded in some way by the world. It takes longer, and there are more humbling lessons to learn along the way than I ever anticipated, but I now see and Believe that you can reap what you sow in these areas as well. It's probably not luck. It's Believe Achieve. Probably.

And with Money, who is no longer my rival but has become my friend, I see the same.

My new gratitude, inspired by humility and a desire to do good, has spawned a new relationship with Money.

I see now that as each dire need approaches, so does a new solution, unforeseen, unpredicted.

There's always something new and wonderful coming around the bend up ahead, you need only move forward and keep your attitude of belief intact.

So, I am decorating Rob's house for Christmas and I'm baking cookies and cranberry bread with fresh cranberries and walnuts.

I'm singing Christmas songs. I plan to visit the great St. Paul Cathedral and the Basilica in Minneapolis. I plan to visit the country church where I used to take my children and where my mother now attends Sunday services.

There's a lot to like.

The history and the politics of it all are not good, but they can't be erased either.

We can only move forward in grace and love.

"Have a holly jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year!"

Here's what I did yesterday with a collection of crystal ornaments given to me each Christmas by my very kind and generous, now long departed, mother in law.


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