being nice

I'm going to be sending love and delight in all emails and all messages and all correspondences and all meetings all day every day for the rest of my living days.

That's my new goal.

Maybe you've been doing that all along.

I wish I had been, but it's never too late.

Being nice was never my thing.

I was raised by two not very nice people.

I offer this not as an excuse but as the beginning of an explanation.

Both of my parents stand out in my mind to me as very interesting people, people who I loved and hated.

And they both could be nice when they wanted to be, but they didn't like fake nice or false small talk.

I guess they didn't like insincerity, but they also just didn't like most people in general, and that was their excuse.

But you can't save the world by watching everybody else and catching them faking love or joy.

You can't save the world by going around catching people being mean to you.

You can save the world by spreading acceptance, compassion, and understanding.

I'm going to be nice 100% of the time.

This may not be easy, but I don't care.

I have nothing else I'd rather be doing.

Love, Courtney

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