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Taxes filed!

Poverty has it's advantages.

I'm only having to pay $250 to get my itemized taxes done myself through turbotax, and I only have to pay $250 in taxes for the whole year of 2018.

It's not something to be proud of, but it's the one perk of making so little money.

Also, last year I had a net profit of $1016.00 in income after I claimed all my expenses for touring and recording.

This year my total after expenses was $5100.00....a monumental increase!

I feel very encouraged by this trend in my taxes.

Since I stopped getting alimony and child support for my three children, which ended five years ago, I have tried to lift myself up by my artistic endeavors.

Many said it couldn't be done.

But I'm doing it!

This year of 2019 is already even more promising than last year at this time.

I'm doing it!

Here's to more music, more connecting, more heart to heart evenings of the songs and you and me.

Love to you today from April in Minnesnowta.


Tavern in Northfield tonight.

I drive an hour through the snow, I set up my PA, I play for three and a half hours, I tear down my equipment, I drive back an hour through the snow, and I'm hopefully God willing in bed by one in the morning.

And I will hopefully have some money to buy groceries and pay some bills tomorrow as a result. 

I love playing there, the people are a blast. I adore them.

See you tonight Northfield friends!



Courtney Yasmineh April 16, 2019 @07:00 pm
You're awesome, Josephine Lane!
Josephine Lane April 15, 2019 @01:26 pm
Welcome back. I have missed your posts. I am glad you didn't have to pay too much in taxes. Just send mine in today and I am still in shock. You are right you can beat death or taxes.
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