Asking for what I really want


I really want to get back to Europe for the thirteen shows I have booked in August.

I'm not sure where the money is coming from to pay for the tickets, rental car, and gas.

We have places to stay for free along the tour route so that's great.

I want it to work out and will keep working to make it happen.

I didn't have it figured out when i said yes to the first show invitations that came in, but if I had said no to those, it could never happen.

Spring forward and the way will open before you.

In my ten years of touring in Europe I've been hoping for true fans who would invite me for some of their best events of the year.

If that is starting to happen, and I love the people and the places I'm invited back to, then I must make it happen whatever it takes.

I don't want to chicken out right when things are finally starting to get good!

So, I will keep asking for the answers to the big desires.

Is there enough money to go to the grocery store this morning?

Maybe not, but the cupboard is not bare.

In the meantime, am I setting up shows from Lake Vermilion to the Baltic Sea and back again?

Yes I am.

Also, the State of MN is auditing me.

I don't have money to pay for representation so I'm going to represent myself.

They say they don't know if my music business is real or if it should just be considered a hobby for tax purposes.

I am going to the first meeting with them next week.

This does not feel like no hobby to me.



Josephine Lane May 03, 2018 @10:16 am
Very interesting about the audit. They want you to declare your income but when your expenses are too high, then they tell you it is a hobby. Let me know what happens.
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