another possible route

I have been envisioning this tour down to Austin, TX for quite a while now.

Then I got my rejection email from SXSW and thought, okay, I'll just do the Denver and Boulder idea.

Then my daughter Nina said she would drive with me and take photos, working on her photography portfolio is one of her goals right now.

Then we got an idea about trying to head further south and maybe I could return to Santa Fe where I played a year or so ago, and add a show there.

Santa Fe may happen.

Boulder and Denver are set up.

Now, today, I got a Red Gorilla submission form sent to my email inbox.

Red Gorilla is the indie musician's answer to SXSW.

Red Gorilla provides showcase opportunities for solo artists and bands who don't have label support or big enough clout to land the official SXSW spots.

But Red Gorilla still has a vetting process and they definitely do not take everyone who applies.

I applied just now.

It only costs $20 to apply for three solo showcase spots during the week of SXSW in Austin.

I have brought my band down to Austin twice in the past five years and played the Red Gorilla stages.

But those were different times and I "bought" my spots through my publicity and radio reps at Minneapolis' Tinderbox company.

Is that cheating?

I don't think so, not cheating for me.

It may not be the nicest thing that Tinderbox ever did by offering me the spots but making me give some money for each one.

I don't remember how much money, maybe $100 per performance opportunity.

Probably a slightly corrupt situation.

So, wouldn't it be cool if I got offered some solo performance spots for this March in Austin for only the $20 submission fee I just paid?

And what if the tour I envisioned comes together after all, better than I could even have planned?

If I get the Red Gorilla spots, by some kind of miracle, then the next step is to go back to the Mini Cooper car dealership and ask about that touring endorsement I've been dreaming of.

Nothing is impossible.

-15 Fahrenheit as I write this at 4:45pm.


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